Monday, August 26, 2013

Dolphins rubbish Rangers’ claims

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Dolphins Football Club have come out to rubbish spurious claims by officials of Rangers International that they were attacked by hoodlums after their 2-0 loss in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

Media officer of the club, China Acheru didn’t just describe the claims as laughable, he said it may have been well thought of in the aftermath of their 2-0 drubbing in Port Harcourt.

“When I heard that tale that officials of Rangers were beaten by hoodlums I couldn’t laugh but get angry because it was just an attempt at bringing the game to disrepute by disgruntled club officials who did their best in Port Harcourt to cause trouble before the game,” Acheru said.

“At the start of the game they, in their belief in fetish things parked their bus about five hundred meters from the stadium and decided to have all their players walk the distance in.

“Maybe in Enugu, those fetish things have helped them win the league or maybe that is what has stopped them from winning trophies in 29 years. After the players had walked into the stadium, they then drove their bus in but we watched them and laughed because only a side with low mentality will resort to doing things such as that.

“After the game, our player, Fred Okwara walked to the General Manager of the club, a certain, Chibuzor and asked why he hasn’t been paid N4.5million owed him and the Rivers State FA Secretary, Benjamin Akubo who overheard the discussion cautioned Okwara that he stadium premises was not the best place to ask for money.

“Akubo advised Okwara to visit him at the FA office for advise on how to write to the League or the Federation to force Rangers to pay him. At this point, Okwara left in the team bus as well as the rest of the people there.

“So for Rangers to return to Enugu and say Fred led a group of thugs to attack them must have only come from the figment of that same imagination that tells them parking your bus on the street and trekking to the stadium can help them win away from home.”

China Acheru continued that Rangers beat Dolphins 3-0 in Enugu and no claims were made.

He also added that this game had the presence of fifty police men and twenty soldiers as well as officials of Harp who activated their sponsorship agreement with Dolphins.

“Rangers picked the wrong match to lie. I wonder how this lie will help them. It was a peaceful game that did not just end on the pitch but on the other side of the stadium were people drank the product of our sponsors and won gifts like generators, Television sets and bags of rice.

“We wish Rangers the best and hope that they win a trophy before the 30 year mark so frustrations won’t cause them to make their players walk from Enugu to Port Harcourt for a league match next season,” Acheru said.

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