Saturday, September 7, 2013

Of Calabar bugging & the Super Eagles ( Season 2)

Woke up with a headache and took some medication and headed down to the Super Eagles hotel alongside Oluwashina Okeleji and China Acheru to meet a date with the 'big-boss' Stephen Keshi.

With Malawi coach Tom Saintfiet

We had to wait a while because he was attending to some other issues, but i was able to meet up after a long while with Charles Anazodo, Jonathan Akpoborie and Segun 'The Pundit' Agbede, we exchanged pleasantries and later caught up with John Ogu and Azubuike Egwuekwe who riddled us with jokes, that giant of a defender is funny as they say he is.

The Warri Wolves defender said rumors doing the rounds he has signed for Red Star Belgrade were untrue and will not rush into going to Europe, I was very impressed with his demeanor and self belief. Nigeria should watch out for him in the near future.
Stadium getting set
Let me not fail to mention that China Acheru kept asking where the best dog meat joints where in town with the aim of using such a spot to celebrate Nigeria's anticipated victory over the flames of Malawi, i looked at him, shook my head and decided to keep my peace because he is my senior colleague!

Coach Keshi came out and we had a very lively chat with him about the Super Eagles, Nigeria, his players and the CHAN team, I asked him how he is going to build the team now that a couple of players have left for Europe

"Did you say a couple?" he asked. I was lost for words, I didn't understand what he meant

"The whole team is gone oh, me sef go start from beginning sha ( I have to start rebuilding again)"

"It won't be easy, we see as it goes" he enthused.
With the big boss, Stephen Keshi

After finishing up. I retired back to my hotel but not after grabbing a plate of chips and then headed to the Stadium for accreditation. It was a bit rowdy as the heavens opened up and showers came down upon us.

Headed back to the Metropolitan Hotel ( where the Eagles are based) after picking up my accreditation card, but I got a rude shock when i realised my 5 inch andriod device was missing, I nearly had a panic attack as all the audio interviews i did where on the device. I ran back to the Stadium and called China Acheru, who was still at the venue to help check where i sat to see if the device was still there.

Luckily for me, he was able to pick it up for me. That was my highlight for the day I must admit, Not sure what i would have done if it went missing. I met up again with John Ogu, had a quick chat, then went into the conference room whr Deji Tinubu was shooting some videos for the Super Eagles.

With Silver Ohaeri

Like the previous day we had another interesting chat about Nigerian football and the way forward. After a brief discourse with a couple of journalists, I decided to get back to the hotel and rest for the big day on Saturday.

Was actually hungry, ordered for food, but it took them nearly 2 hours to get it done, I won't tell you the name of the hotel but their service was quit shabby, unfortunately i had paid upfront, so no deal.

Hop tomorrow brings good tidings sha, Calabar, una too much joor!

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