Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Niamey Diaries (3)

Right in the middle

Hey, It's me again. It's been all sorts of sixes and nines for the past two days. I have finally come to grip with how the money (CFA) works around here and my french has improved a bit.

After being scammed of CFA2,000 by a coffee seller, the Naija sharp guy in me suddenly came to fore. My french improved massively and I do know how to handle their denominations now.

Unfortunately, I can't say same for Segun Ogunfeyitimi (ShengolPix). I won't tell y'all what happened, maybe you can ask him...his Niamey number is +227 98........

Explaining how the CFA works to Segun Ogunfeyitimi

The Eaglets were massive against Zambia, wait....before the football gist. We finally ate home food on Monday, nearly a week after arriving and living on chips, eggs and chicken. The Naija embassy here found us through the Nigerian community here and sent us some serious gbegeri soup , ewedu and okro to match.

Right after we qualified for  the semis and the World Cup, that's Amuneke incase you didn't know

So the deal now is we just call and request, food shows every afternoon. The food is quite expensive though but mehnn...that thing has done  alot to my soul.

So back to the footy. Nigeria beat Zambia to qualify for the semis against the Amajimbo of South Africa. It's promises to be an entertaining ame because both sides are set up to attack

My match preview can be read here

I was also at the stadium to see how preparations were going as regards the game with South Africa, you can check out the video below and hear me blabbing..

More supporters arrived last night, the Sokoto FA are here, the Nigerian football supporters club are here too.. see video below and I hope w can do the business over South Africa.

You can head out to my YouTube channel and take a look at some videos  made from my time here in Niamey. Be warned, some might bore you though

I'll blog about our win or loss (God forbid) in my next post.

Meanwhile abi na as usual, here are some pictures for y'all.

Showed off my ball sklls at Eaglets training. Amuneke was impressed. "You dey play ball" he asked. 

Setting up our work station
Nigeria celebrates

Mali celebrate

South Africa celebrate

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