Wednesday, May 27, 2015

John flight..

I had a long chat with John Ogu over the weekend about life in Israel, his season at Hapoel Be'er Sheva and what he had to do to improve his game.

Dude is a good listener and a very intelligent football and person. What I liked most about our discussion is the fact he was willing to listen...a trait many of our footballers lack.

When 'we' (journos) talk, it doesn't mean we don't like a player...well at least for me.. I do so because I want the player in question to improve and not like we are hating...far from that.

I've been lucky to play the game and now write/talk/analyse I believe I shoud be able to add my 20 kobo to the discourse.

Anyways away from that.....

Ogu has changed his game a lot because he has been used both as a defensive midfielder and a central midfielder this term.

  Ogu, in flight.

His versatility has been immense to the Be'er Sheva team who played in the State Cup final albeit they lost to Nosa Igiebor's Maccabi Tel Aviv.

He shared some videos with me and we discussed what was on the video. Here are some of the vids we yapped about.

I hope to meet him when he reports for duty for the Chad game, maybe then I can get a decent interview form him about the past season.

Please enjoy the videos (lol)

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