Monday, December 19, 2016

Sons of Thunder and a broken fibula

In continuation of my series on traditional African bone healers, my Oga and colleague Abdulrahman Ibn Mohammed of NTA shares his personal experience with us.

I've known Abdulrahman for a long time. We were together at NTA Jos where he was my Oga as I and Madaki Aliyu anchored Sports Panorama. Wonderful man to work with and ageless

His story

Abdulrahman, smiling like a million bucks
"My bitter experience happened on the 17/11/79.

I was the top striker for my Community Football Team, Anglo Jos Sons of Thunder Football Club.

We had taken the short drive to Vom to face Vom Vet Rovers,a match we fancied ourselves to win. However, every step we took that evening was wrong, and we were being trounced!!

At 4-0 down, we went on a counter attack, and having out-paced a pack of chasing defenders, I came face to face with the goalkeeper.

As I raised my head to determine where to place my shot in anticipation of a goal-only for me to be swept off my standing left leg ( being a preferred right footer), by the goalkeeper.

I was floored, saw stars, and my fellow players were busy putting their hands on their heads. I tried to stand up, but my left leg won't simply reach the ground .

My world had crumbled, especially as I was hoping to break into the ABU Team for the NUGA Games of early 1980's. So as it happened, I was carried to the nearby traditional Hospital of Baba Dantoro, who I assured that all will be well and that I will soon be scoring goals again.
That never happened.

Somehow got every thing wrong. The leg did not join properly at the point of the Tibia after many attempts.

Till this day , I still carry the stump from that horrible stamp. I was advised to have the stump broken and have another attempt in the traditional way, but I just couldn't trust them again, especially as I had lost my first year in the University as a consequence.

That sadly is my experience with Traditional bone-setters, even though some people say it is effective.

Abdulrahman Ibn Mohammed