Friday, June 29, 2018

Of Russian babies (again), missing journalist and home cooking.

Even Tuface wasn't impressed.
I haven’t been able to pen down my diaries for almost three days because I've been mentally exhausted for that period.

Nigeria’s loss to Argentina made things worse and then I suffered food poisoning because I ate some local Naija rice and topped it up with some chicken wings from KFC.

Omo, I no fit sleep. The shit wey I shit no be here sha. Feel free to laugh but I wish you same per what you are laughing at right now. I had to go get fluids to replace what I had lost.

Ademola Olajire was very helpful and linked me up with a doctor but by then I was feeling better and elected not to take any other drugs again.

No be for Russia I go come sick.

Back to the matter.

So Argentina kicked us out and my day was ruined. In fact, as soon as we conceded, I shut down for the day and packed my equipment. On my way out of the stadium, I was stopped by some volunteers and asked to go back to my seat by the pitch.

I screamed at them and they let me go. They noticed I was visibly upset and allowed me carry my big head to the Media Center to send out some pictures to Naija.


The ride back to the hotel, which is usually some twenty odd minutes, turned into a day’s trip. I kept playing the game over my head.


What if Kenneth Omerou had taken Messi out? What if Omerou had tried harder to catch up with him? What if Ighalo had converted his chances? What if Rojo missed that volley, what if…what if…. I dey wait make any player wife enter my mentions, wahala go dey.

Work mode

Woke up next day feeling better and elected to go and shop for my wife and the kids. I cannot come and kill myself jare. Bought a few Russia 2018 related souvenirs and headed back home (hotel be dat).

I later strolled into town and sat by the river banks. I was soon joined by Nikola, a beautiful Russian blonde babe. She introduced herself and we got talking (her English was pretty good). I no go tell una wetin we yarn but what as I wan go she come tell me say she for no mind black pikin.

My J-Town connect in Russia

“Eh?? You say??” She repeated herself and told me how fascinated she is with Afro- Americans and their culture and was happy when she saw me.

I told her I was Nigerian and she said “ No different, I love black”. Babe asked if she could touch my rough hair and I obliged her. Ol boy see as she smile.

I can’t tell you the rest but the koko be say I didn’t take up her offer as per the black kid. The temptation plenty oh but as I come think of my fine daughters at home….nahhhh….not sure they want a sister/brother somewhere in Europe named Andreaski or Andreanov.

No way.

Next day was weird because I had to switch from Hotel to apartment and Hotel in three hours. That na story for another day sha.

There’s one thing I’ve learnt int he past four days, no, scratch that. There are 1001 things I’ve learnt this past week. Nigerians are their own problem. We too greedy, we sabi back-stab and pull each other down.

Dem swear for us?

St Petersburg City Centre

Received the sad news about the death of hundreds in Plateau State and then the Berger thing again. E dey hard to comprehend. Las las no one will be arrested or prosecuted. 

That is the sad reality.

Thursday was fan fest day as Bakare Idowu, Kayode Tijani, Frankie and my humble sauntered into town and to have a feel of the fanfest. I  did a few interviews, took some photos and when it was time to go back wahala start.

Kayode was nowhere to be found, Baba just miss. We spent an hour looking for the veteran journo but he was nowhere to be seen. I became worried and started making calls. I later got info he was in a cab heading back to the hotel.

Huge relief

But that wasn’t the end of it.

On our way out, Frankie got missing too. See local wahala.

Frankie, before he got lost.

Took us twenty minutes before we could find him. Man was busy taking selfies with white girls upandan and forgot he was with us.

That guy like picture sha.

So this picture got me a mention from FIFA. We global baby!! Mikel dey vex

 Did I tell y’all I had to move into a new apartment? For the first time since I came to town I ate home cooked food (please that 8k eba and rice no count)? I slept like a baby last night.

Kisu Sulola for president!!!

Till tomorrow