Sunday, November 18, 2018

AWCON 2018 Diaries 2 - Chopped and skewered.

As I promised, here is rundown of how Day 2 at the AWCON went for me.

Didn't read read Part 1? Click here and knock yourself out.

Arriving Cape Coast at 11:30 pm Ghana time, sleeping on an empty stomach at 1 am and waking up at 5 am in preparation for an 8:30 am conference barely five hours after an 18 hour journey really can take everything away from you.

 "It can only be God".

Our cab driver Mr Emmanuel was so kind as he took us to the Cape Coast stadium, waited for us, took us to the market and back to our inn. Great guy.

Market, yes!! Big and small fish for 20 cedis - 1500....15 big pieces...croaker ....No much difference in market price with Nigeria.
Could have been better. 

Forgive me for always thinking of the naira anytime I buy something. Story for another day.

Came back to catch up with Nigeria's AFCON  qualifying game against South Africa (we drew 1-1 and qualified for the tournament), before attention shifted to steaming the fresh fish and cooking the egusi/okazi leaf brought by Faith, only to abandon it halfway because we got a call of the Super Falcons training coming up at 2:45 pm Ghana time.

Falcons training for the game against South Africa

Alas things fell apart when we discovered that the CAF schedule of venues for Group B teams sent via email had been changed without our knowledge. Which kain wahala be dis?.

Our wandering began.

Naija team bus 

Falcons trained at the Robert Mensah Stadium as against the Ndoum Sports Stadium schedule sent by CAF. We ended up watching the Zambians train and then rushed to watch the Falcons at the other stadium before we encountere the "small usual story of interviewing our own naija players" in competitions like this, hmmmmm....long story ....

Zambian team skipper Mizosi Zulu
Returned to the inn , lazily cooked the egusi soup as I was tired and the "squad" lazily ate amidst trying to do stories and reports from the day's 'Waka'.

God help our soup as Ghana Palm oil tastes like diluted red oil with a chemical substance poured into it

The taste was poor and that affected my soup.

Chai but Las Las we dey alright. Man must survive.

Did I mention the cab man drama, no, not Mr Emmanuel though - another cab guy.

Called a cab to take the "squad" to Mensah stadium from Nduom Stadium only for the "called cab" to suddenly develop a fault hence we couldn't leave the stadium till we got another cab to take us to our destination.

Small drama ensued when cab man B asked us to pay 30 cedis for the trip , we bargained for 20 then but he insisted the previous cab driver instructed him to collect 30 cedis from us. How?

How does a cab driver instruct the next driver the specific amount to collect from us? Na you be our papa abi our employer?

There is God Sha! O ga o!

Arguments ensued!

A concerned citizen stepped in and we settled for 25 cedis.


Let me quickly add that the Falcons new media officer resumed work officially today.....

If you know, you know.

We had plans to use "our swimming pool" in the inn but we settled in late after a tiring

Big plans dey everly dey but we will find our feet in time to steal a little "first session" of leisure for ourselves. Unfortunately we have no 'masculine' neighbour in our inn but we have high hopes of getting one ASAP

Don't be surprised. We are women. Winks.

Here's me thinking Ajibade will debut for the Falcons against South Africa...

They call me the Octopus Obongawan Kiki... Ask the sports farmer of my predictions lately as regards European league games....I'm cool like that.

Naija journo squad in Ghana (so far) :- Kiki, Trendy, Blizz, Sholss, Savid and AZ Sports paparazzi and Theo made the squad list later in the day.

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