Tuesday, November 20, 2018

AWCON Diaries : Redemption time?

It's another match day for the champions on the continent (Falcons are still the champions forget what you heard) but a lot has happened between the day we fell and this day where we hope to rise again against Zambia.

Yes, "we" apologized for the defeat on Sunday but that's not all.

I thought that Ghana is a different world sha till rain beat me then I remembered that na planet Earth we dey....lolzzzzzz.
Market hopping

Nduom Sports Stadium compared to the Cape Coast stadium isn't far from our quiet, beautiful full apartment inn. The Falcons trained there and we had to be there to do our jobs.

My brothers and sisters, Uncles and Aunties, the weather started changing after about an hour.

But wait, Rita Chi get strong mind and body, see as she dey do the physical 'wanyo wanyo' exercise....lolzzzzzz

Back to gist, I, Sholsss and Blizz decided to move before Faith, Sam and Azu joined in later... Halfway the rain started... Abasi mmi ooo.

After running and then walkng fast, we gave up as the road come be like say e long. hahaha.

Not even the fastest of athletes will beat the rain.

Naso we enjoyed the rain till we got to our inn. We got soaked big time.


Sam and Azu stayed with us for 2-3 hours too as they couldn't get to their place till after the rain.

Thank God for them, our egusi soup finally finished as they encouraged us to have it for dinner. Thank God for men.

Next day, CAF no send mail for press conference schedule. Our Media Officer already told us that it is scheduled for 9 am. We got there late and in time to meet Zambia, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea own. Of course, we complained to the "CAF PEOPLE".

Spent an hour plus at the media centre then Sola, I and Blizz headed for the market.

We don wise up after we realized we can actually pay far less than what we have been paying as transport fare initially when we came.

50 cedis (12.5 cedis per person) as a drop (to charter a cab) when we could have been paying almost 16 cedis (4 cedis per person)...Ha! We show them since Monday. Dem com know say we don wise up. Lol.
Meal for days. Nothing beats cooking your own meals

Market time discoveries

- We got 10 eggs for 6 cedis = 447 naira.

- Omo see plantain for 4 cedis (300 naira), e big ooo...over plenty.

- Nigerian rice is actually cheaper than Ghanaian rice.

- Tuesdays, fish wey full scatter for here dey go strike as Tuesday is "no fish" market day. Don't know why exactly it is so.

Market waka with Blessing and Sola

- Got 5 average size onions for 1 cedi (75 naira). Very good.

- Essgrace Enterprise is an affordable wholesale store to get your food items in Cape Coast - This one na PR sha... hehehe. I wasn't paid for it I promise.

Blessing with our new 'mummy' at the market
We meet one happy Ghanaian woman who speaks Yoruba (she spent close to 40 years n Naija) woman for the market sef. Trust Blizz and Sholsss, sharply dem collabo oo.

The woman promise to bring Nigerian rice for us today. Kind gesture.

We made the stew together back at our inn, fried our plantain, cooked our rice and then got down to it.

We ate well... Ah! I was "certified" "satisfied".


We had an appointment with Okokroko FM for 7 pm,it was cancelled as the guy didn't get back in time from Accra to come to pick us for the show. We had to reschedule.

The meal paved way for a good sleep after watching the Eagles game and the defeat of host Ghana by Mali. Cameroon was on in the second group game.

We had earlier gotten news of the demise of Tosyn Bucknor. It kept ringing in my head. Such a sad one for radio folks like me. Rest in the bosom of our Lord.

May the lights lead you home.

I slept well.

Today is upon us.

Game Day!

Pray for the Falcons.

Yes, Prayers!

Prayer is the key!!!


  1. Eggs for Sangana Street Mile One Diobu Port Harcourt cheap pass jare. I can get a crate(30) for 900 naira. Their rice no get weight but e beta pass our rice. Las Las food wey suit you Na hin beta pass... hope say Faith no dey over chop? Lik

  2. I just dey imagine you dey run under rain, I sha know say faith no send you, she go just dey bounce under the rain. Is it not faith again, sombori that comes out to bath under rain in Nigeria ��