Monday, November 26, 2018

Bye bye Cape Coast...hello Accra


Thank God it's Monday.

Crazy Sunday it was. From tourist visitation to change of location then getting the work done  before thinking of where to lay our heads is one hell of a task.

Yes, Nigeria thrashed Zambia 6-0. Dem get mouth Sha but Las Las na we we enter semi finals.

My heart almost fell out when they were playing out 1-1 up till the second half against South Africa.
Truly it was a COSAFA debut.

Respect to Rachael Kundananji and Mary Mwakapila.

Anyways Ghana police are really zealous in their duties... if you know,you know.

With the Super Falcons finishing second in Group B, that meant they play their semis in Accra so we had to move to Accra from Cape Coast which is like 3-4 hours(traffic jam inclusive).

Me and the girls dem. Blizz and Sola

All Natural.

But before the trip we decided  to visit the Elmina castle before leaving for the capital.

Nice history there dating back to hundreds of years ago. You'll weep when the tour guide expatiate on slavery and the history of that place.


It didn't come free ooo... Nope it didn't.

To tour na 40 cedis for foreigners, 30 cedis for students and 10 cedis for Ghanaians.... but it was worth it.



Souvenirs from our tour of El Mina Castle

Ah my hair needed strong comb but when I entered the craft shop to purchase a wooden comb, I come humble by force. 20 cedis ke? (1500 naira) just for combing my natural hair?

Well, e much for me,No vess!

Nice crafts and wares they have but of course it didn't come cheap.

We were given souvenirs as 'THANK YOU FOR COMING', but not by the castle officials oh! The sellers outside the castle did that to appreciate our  token contributed  to the Elmina school funds.

Sights. El Mina Castle

Sights. El Mina Castle

Yes, Corporate Social Responsibility. We sef dey do that one.

We headed afterwards to Accra in a nice bus setting, fully Air conditioned for 24 cedis only...

On arrival in Accra,we had to head to the Priesec School, Legon.

The name fear me till I reach there only to discover it's actually meant Presbyterian Secondary School....hahaha...

That's where the Falcons trained on Sunday evening. We had to be there to do our jobs.

           Asisat Oshoala after training in Accra                                    Glory Ogbonna

Yes,we went there straight from Cape Coast with our bags...Ah, Nigerian journalist I gbadun the zeal to get the job done. Yes we are serious-minded people.

Knackered after the trip to Accra. Wait what is Faith doing behind me?

Take it to the bank but no withdraw first

We were yet to get where to lay our heads. Na work carry us come, so we must deliver. In the end, we will be alright.

Bags out as we go search for accommodation

Truly we were alright on the night. After looking for a good, affordable accommodation for almost three hours with the "delegation leaders"

Faith, Blizz and Sola moved round the city to ensure we get where to lay our head.

Na media we be, so the duties were diversified...

Faith and Blizz were on-site journos. Aclsports Sholsss was the online guru...No wonder!

Don't ask of me yet, I was the head of delegation,safety department. Ensuring the luggages and bags of the Nigerian delegation was safe while the three-woman accommodation delegates did their jobs around the city.

Yes!!! Women!!! You heard that right!

We are hospitable so we gat take care of the men here. So we did the logistics as regards accommodation.

These men can testify :- Savid, A.zed, Sports paparazzi andTheo.

Accra is expensive sha. Too early to say? Well we just got here. Let's see what this week holds for us.

Settling late into our hotel rooms we had to get what to eat..

Forget hotel food, too many circumstances made us not look in that direction.

Going out to find food : Myself,Faith, Sola and Blizz was a herculean task.

We got to a Chinese restaurant,only to be told there are Chinese meals but they also had Beef fried rice....25 hectic cedis?...Ok.

We were only passing by, sorry.

We finally landed at Suj City ground fall which houses a supermarket. It was discount day..

We just had to do snacks and head back to our hotel rooms to tidy up our works from the day's training.


Meanwhile congratulations to my colleague at the office Former miss Imelda Sunshine. Now Mrs Imelda Sunday Akpan who wedded at the weekend.

Monday be nice.
Well we are here now.



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