Saturday, November 24, 2018

Ghana jollof vs Naija jollof?

Ghana jollof
So I finally get a day to relax a bit , not like I didn't work though.

Insert cuttings , stories and reports have been the order of my day here ooo...No be only enjoyment. Man must work to chop and keep fit pocket wise and stomach infrastructure wise sef.

If I no pay my bills,who will?

The morning after the falcons victory, the squad (Sola, Blizz and I)  lazied around with our only interest in meeting our organization's daily task of reports.

No one was interested in food. Faith finally made Indomie and egg for us after all "everyone dey press phone" in her words.

She alone went out for the Falcons presser.

We stayed back at our lovely inn to rest after work. We watched some action movies and Nigerian movies till late in the afternoon when Blizz childhood neighbor and friend came visiting from Takoradi.

I and Sola gave them space in the be that kin space you dey think oo... Blizz na proper home brought up babe. I like her simplicity too.

Game time:- We wanted to swim but as "church girls" we dey look who go first enter pool ..

We let that go and rather headed for the table tennis centre ..

I was the umpire as the game was between Sola of  ACLSports against Splash FM's Blessing.

When Oyibo Lagos meet proper Naija Ibadan, you can imagine the challenge.

Sola claimed to be Aruna Quadri's fan and so wanted to serve like him... Oops
..that didn't go well as she never even reach amateur stage sef...

As the umpire, I was tired sef as I could barely count 60 seconds of ball flow on the table without the flow breaking.

Next up was the volleyball court which they turned to a beach soccer play.

Sola dey ball sha as she displaced Blessing with some good dribbling skills..

No ask about me oo.. I was the referee of the game.

We finally settled for a light dinner of bread and tea.

Next morning was quiet as we were all preparing for the Nigeria - Equatorial Guinea presser at 10 am local time.

Yes we got late except for Faith who left us in a fire brigade manner (if you know, you know) as she predicted we would run late.

Ten minutes to the presser we were still on the road and our inn is like 20 minutes from the Cape Coast stadium.

Then I realized I had forgotten my press tag that was to admit me into the presser.I painful dropped from the cab and headed back to the inn for mine while the others forged ahead.

Spent 3 cedis getting back to the inn and 8 cedis (double of the normal price) to get to the Cape Coast stadium.

I missed the first presser and almost missed the second one too but las las I no lose at all.


We later retired to the Media Centre  to work with the WiFi and have a shot at the drinks made available.

Then I encountered the Ghana Jollof


As a proper Akwa Ibom girl with special kitchen skills winks, I could easily spot a tasty meal when I meet one.

Crispy, jollofish, tasteful,sweet aroma meal are the main characteristics of the Ghanaian jollof

Ghana jollof. Hmmmm
10 cedis only for a plate of jollof rice, salad and freshly fried chicken.

What a taste!

Sola and Blizz decided to try it out too. Then Faith but alas only one plate of it was left so Blizz and Faith opted for Rice and stew with salad...

We had earlier given the manager of our inn some money to get some foodstuff for us so we could cook when we returned but we wanted to watch the Cameroon - Ghana game in our inn instead of the Algeria - Mali game at the stadium.

Girls just wanna feel free

Indeed the manager is a good shopper. We realized the fish we were screaming was cheap the two times we bought for cooking was actually cheaper than what we thought.

Fish waka

Three big pieces of fish for 15 cedis few days back. Fast forward to present day, A mixture of 5 big pieces of fish and three small ones was sold for same 15 cedis.

Blessing's handiwork

Kai...the "no fish market" on Tuesday made them use us shine for market..

Thank you Missus Manager.

So here we are.
Plantain and fried egg for dinner..

Anticipating a "blue black" victory for the Super Falcons of Nigeria against Equatorial Guinea!


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