Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday to forget... still we rise

Greetings from Cape Coast
Hello fam! 

A long Sunday it was indeed. Started swiftly and ended "sheepishly".

Joined the gang to witness the Super Falcons morning walk at the El Mina Beach Resort. The current state of that beach sha na craze. Nothing like swimming, try it na OYO case.

As usual Ghana Police bin wan show their self to block us under the guise of "CAF instruction " beht las las if we no dey with our own Naija team, na who go dey?

So Cape Coast taxi drivers bin dey use us shine ,collecting 50 cedis, 100 cedis from four of us as fare within the city till we got to know the truth yesterday...Ah!! Dem use us shine big time. Kai!

Felt bad when we discovered we could use 4 cedis per person only to make a one round trip. It is well.

So I have a good boss in George. Make I quickly chip that one in. Yes, the 'Rush master' but kind, doing so well to check on me and support my financial course here. Respect Man!!


                                           Falcons team walk before it all went bad.

Back to our inn after leaving the El Mina Beach,we missed day one and two breakfast cos we thought there's nothing there. Taking our breakfast orders and delivering was heavenly.

See breakfast. Milo, coffee, brown sugar, tin milk, powdered milk, salad, bread, fried egg, oats,omo every every on a tray of breakfast for three, let me quickly add that before una go think say "na only me Waka come".

Falcons team walk

Left for the stadium at 1 pm and settled into the media centre for the necessary documentation and then work began.

We got into a bit of mess out of ignorance but luckily it didn't degenerate further.

Sola and Blessing took videos of some University of Cape Coast students chanting songs and that didn't go well with them.

They accosted us and said only CAF have the right to do that. We could have had our phones broken. Hmmm, no be small thing.

                                                                             With the crew Blessing and Sola

They asked us to delete the videos. In fact, one of the collected my phone, enta my gallery delete the video, enter my trash delete and he also went yo my google back up to delete it.

Sharp guy. Lessons learnt.

They said it is against their tradition to be filmed and if we were Ghanaian, they would have smashed our phones but they respect visitors so the won't.

Lessons learnt. That was smart really cos deleting only from my photo gallery isn't the Koko. hahahaha.

Game started ,hmmmm....Free WiFi, media centre water,juice and snack pack.

Calm before the disappointment 

Yes,our Falcons lost at the dying minute. 86th minute.

Kai! E pain but it happens.

Post match was successful till I got some admiration from two lovely men. Don’t ask me what they asked sha.

Post match presser with SA coach Desiree Ellis 

Yes we exchanged contacts... That's what networking is about abi?

 Onto the second game, press conference, pictures,short videos, live reportage for my station and gbogbo every every...

Zambia and Rachael Kundananji hit Equatorial Guinea for five

Finally got home around 10 pm (11 pm Nigeria time),still had to work on every data gotten from the matches and send out accordingly....

What a day!!

Still we rise

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