Friday, November 30, 2018

What a rush!!!! 10k dollars and some photography.


Another day! Another series!

As we wind down to the closing phase of the 2018 AWCON series....

It's not easy ooo....Ah!

Anyways, Victor Modo made our "free rest day" worthwhile, offering free photo session (at the black star square and the beach behind it) to every Nigerian journalist in Accra for the tournament.

                                              Gang. Victor Modo for president 

As expected, presenter cum model Janine stole the day. Beautiful as always with the modeling poses...Babe o fine Sha!

Me,na still the normal standing things I sabi...hehehe..

Can your photo guy do better?

CeCe, Blizz, Azu,Theo and Favour not forgetting HOD Sam and Modo. They made my day.

Thank you Modo. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @modovictorekene and @modzerosports respectively for your pictures.

                               Sweet 16. Argue with ya data (lol)

Going home afterwards, I and Blizz decided to explore parts of Accra.

We walked to the national theatre then entered a bus to our hotel junction.

But we were hungry. Ghana bukas dey close early so we decided to do Accra mall aka Shoprite.

Ghana traffic is a hell in the evenings...Kai...Been in traffic for an hour for a distance that wouldn't take 15mins....

Well we stopped by shop rite to buy food.... Per kg as always I ended up buying two days food unknown to me.

I realised when I got to my hotel (which by the way we trekked back there from the wasn't far though).

Except for the hotel breakfast,we had not eaten anything all day.

So the Ghana jollof was so much that I could only eat one-third of the food. Preserved the rest in the fridge.

So another media session with the Falcons the next day was beautiful as always. Then the NFF President came...Boom!

Announced $10,000 bonus allowance to the girls (double of what they should get for winning the trophy). Yes, I'm looking ahead.

Speaking into the future. You know why? I carry Grace.

Talking about Grace,(Thank you Jesus), Tuesday's victory made me lose my access tags to the post match press conference and mixed zone cos of the extra zeal and joy I put in reporting for my station while celebrating the victory.

Alas,I was stopped by 'dem bouncers' from entering the conference hall..

Beautiful,reserved Latifa (I love you dear) who saw me outside, I don't even know her from anywhere,never spoke to her except the fact that she is a journalist like myself. She kindly asked why I was outside and I explained the situation to her.

She removed her press conference tag and gave me. I was admitted in.

Thereafter at the mixed zone, she did same I had to collect her contact immediately to call her afterwards.

God bless you Latifa. I've added a lesson to my school book.
NFF President arrives Accra to see the ladies
Back to the Falcons, omo as soon as Mr Pinnick announced the double allowances,the girls expressed so much joy...Ah! Notably,Asisat , Francisca the Shaku Shaku guru...Girl is a happy someborri always....

                                                                                     Pinnick for the girls

He promised better preparation for the team for next year's World Cup in France. We gat work our work from there... hahaha.

We headed for the South Africa training thereafter.

Much respect to Desiree Ellis and the team. Full open session plus water hospitality for every journalist present then special interview time. No restrictions!

We were happy.

Meanwhile congratulations to my boss Mighty George on winning the Nigerian Sports Award (radio personality) for the year.

My boss George with his award.

You can't work under him and be dulling...if you know, you know.

Much respect sir!

So I had dinner of Ghana jollof and chicken.

Not a fresh one, yes! You heard me.

The Ghana jollof I bought from the Accra mall the previous day that I couldn't finish,it entered my fridge and I ate it as dinner 24 hours later.
Jollof is life.

Blizz got a well prepared, garnished friend indomie with salad, chunks of fish and egg for 6 cedis at a Buka close to our hotel.

Looks good.

Shout out to Moses! Ask me why in my next series...winks

What of our beautiful, cutest Onyinye, you're doing a great job. Well done Ma.

The Nigerian journalists here,thanks guys!

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