Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The benefits of our Harp Deal

Dolphins’ media officer, China Acheru says the recently signed deal with Harp Lager to brand the jersey of Dolphins for the new season is good for the club.

Dolphins on Tuesday last week signed a one year deal with Harp to endorse their jersey for one season and with the sporting press and fans of the club wondering why the “secrecy” surrounding the deal, the media officer has come out to say there was never anything to hide

“There was never anything to hide about the deal but people got too impatient to ge the details and I really do not blame them.

“For us there are three parts of the deal, maybe more that interested us and it was not just financial alone,” Acheru said.

“We will gain financially from the deal as it comes to roughly ten million naira for the one year deal. This we hope will increase with performance as we believe that at the end of the season we could either win the League, Cup or at least return to the continent.”

The media officer added that money was not the only thing that dragged them into signing the deal with Harp.

“Aside that financial part of the deal there is the fact that the sponsors are charged with producing replica jerseys, T-shirts for distribution to fans and members of our supporters club as well as other memorabilia.

“You know how it is with Nigerian clubs and replica jerseys so it was a welcome development for us. We as the club will provide the jerseys to be worn by the team to play the actual football while they, the sponsors take charge of the replicas.”

The Dolphins media man also mentioned a third part of the agreement that excited the team and it had to do with attracting fans to the stadium.

“Harp will convert a portion of the stadium to a fans village that will have music, drinks, food and every other thing that will create a carnival like atmosphere.

“You know that the Port Harcourt Liberation Stadium needs a lot of non sporting activity and we believe that if people visit the stadium premises regularly for drinks, loud music and food, a percentage of those would soon be entering the main bowl to watch the games.

“Basically, the agreement is a good one for both the club and the sponsors and we believe it is one thing that will last for a very long time,” Acheru said.

Dolphins have never had a jersey endorsement deal in its twenty three year history.

China Acheru , Dolphins Media Officer. Follow him on twitter: @ikwerreman

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