Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hot water and essential balm...

My cousin Sagent Malakai ( yes, that's his real name and he aint a policeman) narrates his own experience on local treatment for bone issues......

My father would heat water to boiling point and soak a piece of clothe in it. How he manages told hold the hot water-soaked clothe to my dislocated leg or arm, I don't know.

Two things I know for sure are the pains I felt as he held me down and applied force,and the relief I felt few days later.

I often wish he left me with my injury than go through the excruciating pain I underwent under his therapy.

 I also used to apply my saliva on any bruise I had on the field (I was a decent footballer and athlete) and rubbed it gently. It always had this tingly sensation.we so much believed it that it actually worked

My colleague Chris Oguguo also shares his own experience

"There was this balm I used when I broke my tibia and fibula at the U17 camp (can't remember the name now), but that plus my mom's special therapy helped heal me without going under the knife"

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